The Great Gatsby 7

The scene in the hotel room in chapter 7 mirrors the hotel scene in chapter 2. Tom and Myrtle would go away into their apartment to get away from reality. In reality, Tom and Myrtle can never be togeather as they live such different lives and are from opposite social classes. They’re having a ‘party’ with people who are from different classes. Being in the apartment is like their little bubble to be togeather. In chapter 7 Daisy and Gatsby are in the hotel room with Tom, Nick, and Jordan. The hotel room represents Daisy’s and Gatsby’s bubble. When in the room they can act like that there is a chance for them to be togeather. They can act like that there from similar backgrounds and that they’re both from East Egg. In the hotel room, they can act as if 5 years haven’t gone by. When they leave the room, all the time that’s gone by comes back and reality sets in. The reality that there isn’t a future for them togeather.

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