The Great Gatsby 4

At the start of the chapter, Nick lists the guests at Gatsby’s. Gatsby’s parties attract all different kind of people – old money and new money. He lists people from West Egg and East Egg. The purpose of this was to show how many people came. Their names create their character in the ‘play’ that’s Gatsby’s life. The ‘cast’ fills his ‘theatre’, alluding to the fact that in reality, Gatsby’s life is a lie – it’s all for the show. The guest from East egg have animal and pests surnames like Beavers and Leeches, these people may be using Gatsby to build their own social class. Guests from West Egg has surnames that are nicer or related to a flower like Orchard. This might be alluding to the fact that their surnames reflect their attitude and personalities. People from East Egg can be rude, and disrespectful, whereas the people from West  Egg are respectful and better guests. However listing the guests togeather gives the illusion that there isn’t a clear social class at the parties but after theirs a recognisable difference between old and new money. Fitzgerald put all the names in the book to allude the fact that Gatsby is living in a ‘play’.

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