The Great Gatsby 1

The advice given to Nick by his father is “Whenever you feel like criticising anyone, just remember that all the people in the world haven’t had the same advantages you have”. This makes Nick a good narrator of the story as it shows he is likely to tell the story as it is and not to be influenced by his own judgements as he tries to be as unjudgemental as he can – because he remembered the advice from his father.

West Egg is ‘New Money’ – comes from people who have made their own wealth. East Egg is ‘Old Money’ – comes from people who were born/married into a wealthy family; usually through inheritance. I would rather live in East Egg as it was harder for women to become wealthy/successful on their own, as they weren’t valued and wasn’t seen as capable for their own career.

Daisy is materialistic, she appears happy, innocent and like everything is fine and perfect but you know there is a part of her that is unhappy. This is why I think a colour that represents Daisy is yellow.  Yellow is a happy, cheerful colour which is how Daisy presents herself. Yellow is a cheaper version of the colour gold. It’s a ‘fake’ gold. Daisy is fake, she hides her unhappiness from those around her. This is why she’s yellow.

An unflattering feature that is revealed about Jordan Baker when it’s unveiled that Tom Buchanan has “a woman in New York” – is that she’s nosy and a gossip, she likes to know the ins and outs of people’s lives – she likes to be in the loop.

The green light that Gatsby stares at is symbolic. The green light is coming from Daisy Buchanan’s dock on the East Egg (Old Money). Green can represent new beginnings. When Gatsby stretches his arms out, it could be because he’s reaching out to Daisy and a new beginning with her.

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